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Resin coating of special products

We have the best digital printing technologies, so we can offer our clients silk-screen printing, micro resin, separated or shaped resin, resin wax-sealed ribbons and resin electronic components


Within our wide range of custom made resin products you will find: 

  • Industrial resin labels: domed labels for industrial use on production equipment such as machine panels or emergency signage. 


  • Silk-screen resin labels: even though we are specialised in high- resolution digital printing, we can offer silk-screen printing to our clients that require this solution. For enquiries or quotes please contact us. 



  • Separated letter resin labels: we can resin any pre-spaced lettering (letter by letter), of any shape or form. They come with a special coating ready to be applied on the end product.


  • Tank Pad Protector Sticker for Motorbikes: resin-coated tank protectors with customised graphics on highly adhesive and easy-to-apply materials. They protects the bike's bodywork from knocks and scratches.


  • Micro-doming:specific nozzles and CNC apex programs are used to allow a steady thin flow of resin up to 2mm of thickness. This technology enables even the smallest separated letter resin labels to be precise, striking, full of detail and preciously intricate.


  • Partial resin: using a patented technology, we can decide, on the same label, the surface on which the resin is to be applied and that which is to remain free, in order to create a partial resin label with a highly attractive aesthetic effect.


  • Resin ribbons and seals: the heightened embossed elements make the label look and feel like a pressed wax seal but with the benefits of practicality and repeatability of an adhesive label. We can produce these in every different shape and form, with or without partial resin.


  • Circuit filling and electronic components: among the various uses of resin, those aesthetically aside, it has functional and technical applications too, depending on its intended purpose. Therefore depending on its purpose, resin can be used to isolate, protect and incorporate various components permanently.



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