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Tank Pad Protector Sticker for Motorbikes

We produce customised, easy-to-apply resin stickers for motorbike tank guards. They provide the best possible protection for the motorbike tank from knocks and scratches, and are resistant to fuel and atmospheric agents without yellowing.


paraserbatoi in resina

The production of resin-coated tank protectors can be customised with your brand's graphics and colours, and the size and shape of the domed label can be managed according to your needs. Our graphics department will be happy to send you examples of standard resin-coated tank protectors to guide you in your choice.

Delivered to your shop in individually packaged pieces with instructions for use; the application of the resin-coated tank protector sticker on the motorbike will be very easy, fast and safe.

The materials used in the production of the resin-coated tank protectors guarantee excellent grip on the bodywork, resisting both very low (-40 °C) and very high (+80 °C) temperatures; the resin finish, which is extremely transparent, gives brilliance to the colours highlighting your brand and with its "medium-soft" hardness adapts to the curvature of the tanks; it also protects the print from exposure to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents, without showing signs of yellowing or deterioration, in compliance with the regulations of the automotive sector. The tank protectors produced by Centroresina are RoHS and Mercury Free certified.

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