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CentroResina: a leader in the production of resin labels, emblems and domed stickers; in every size and shape


No need to register visit our web page and click on “get a quote” input your label requirements, choosing shape, dimensions, type of adhesive and quantity. You will receive our free quote for your labelling needs.
All our products have an excellent resin value and are guaranteed 100%. We create resin-coatings quickly, and we ship the products we make throughout Europe by express courier, free of charge in Italy.
Are you intrigued by resin labels but do not exactly know what they look like? Contact us, we will send you a free sample. 

 The image shows an example of some of the stickers and resin labels produced by Centroresina


Our domed stickers

Our resin labels are the result of 3 different layers placed on one another; an adhesive layer in PVC, the printed form and on top the thin layer of resin.
The final result is a label which is approx.1,5 mm thick. The lens effect of the crystal clear resin creates a tridimensional effect, embossed and colourful, as well as giving it a pleasant texture too.
Resining helps to better protect the printed form from ultraviolet rays and provides resistance to the elements, without showing any sign of weathering or discolouring. Our resin labels can undergo both very high or very low temperatures (from -40° C to + 80° C).
We use polyurethane resin that does not change colour, and has a high degree of translucency, medium-soft and extremely vibrant, RoHS certification for the lack of heavy metals. We can provide our clients with the documentation they require, complete certifications, technical specifications and specialised laboratory testing on request.


The equipment used to produce domed labels 


Technology: What do we use and how we do we produce our resin labels

Digital printing with plotter high-performance apex, and alongside the classic silk-screen printing. Our digital computerised cutting program which eliminates cutting die fixed costs, allowing us to produce low cost print runs or unique pieces.
We made a choice to use only high-performance adhesive materials, giving our clients a selection to best meet their requirements. For example, we use the white PVC high-adhesive ideal for applications on uneven low adhesion surfaces.
Thanks to our wide range of materials and to our technology, you can choose your best fitting, in size, shape or form to really enhance your current logo. You can choose from a variety of coloured or translucent domed labels to partially resinated labels, to separated letter labels or wax seal ribbons.
Resining automatic systems with a continuous flow (complete absense of air bubbles) located in a controlled environment, with temperature and humidity gauges is where and how our labels are produced, therefore the combination of these technologies will no doubt provide you with the best quality label you require.

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