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Domed stickers for the industrial sector

The use of printing materials that guarantee high adhesiveness allows a wide application of resin labels also in the industrial field; the presence of resin gives an attractive appearance and at the same time protects your resin labels from a wide range of chemical agents.


Centroresina manufactures industrial resined labels and adhesives in any shape and size; our technicians follow the customer from the very first stages to find the best solution to the different needs arising in the various sectors of application; here are some examples of use:

  • Shaped resin-coated machine edge panels with or without holes
  • Resin labels with nameplate data
  • Domed labels with safety symbols
  • Resin-coated logos and brands for machinery

The graphics, shape and size are always customised to suit the application requirements of the resin label; particular attention is paid to the choice of the most suitable adhesive; our materials have high-strength adhesives suitable for the application of domed labels on non-polar plastics, metal surfaces and powder-coated surfaces . 

The resins used in the production of our 3D stickers do not yellow over time and are accompanied by certifications from the most renowned certification bodies; they are also RohS certified.

We can provide copies of these documents on request.


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