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Self-adhesive resin labels of variable data

We can create, produce or reproduce any shape and form of adhesive resin labels, ranging from simple static labels bearing images, logos and texts to an array of variable data labels like bar codes or alphanumerical sequences.


  adesivi resinati con dati variabili adesivi in rilievo con dati variabili la resinatura di etichette e i dati variabili

adesivi resinati con sequenzialità numerica le stampe e i relativi dati variabili dati variabili su adesivi


Being able to produce and manage variable data such as bar codes or qr codes allows us to print the resin labels with the upmost precision and high resolution printing so that each single label conveys the clearest message possible.

A computerized system ensures that the quality is constantly monitored and adheres to the specific requirements. Numerical sequences, images, specialist coding labels can be implemented by our accurate plotter cut to satisfy your every need.

The self-adhesive resin labels created by CentroResina can be of any shape or form, and unlimited quantities can be produced.




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