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Micro Doming Stickers

Thanks to the best resin technology and our great graphics team we are able to create and produce, what the experts say, are the most difficult and cutting-edge “micro pre-spaced resin labels ”. 




Specific nozzles and CNC apex programs are used to allow a steady thin flow of resin. This technology enables even the smallest separated letter resin labels to be precise, striking, full of detail and preciously intricate.

Getting the exact right amount of resin for these speciality labels is possible as we use microscopic nozzles (internal diameter of 0.8mm) and a CAD software program that controls the Cartesian planes, enabling us to produce intricate shapes and forms even if extremely small in dimension.

The minimum resin thickness is approximately 2 mm.

Our graphics team, thanks to their extensive know-how accomplished through the years, can create and propose the best technical solutions for your logos, badges or emblems in order to produce the perfect end-product together.

In addition we can create and produce partial resin labels. We would use resin only of specific areas or profiles creating that tridimensional effect that is so pleasing to the eye and touch.


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