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Third-party doming

CentroResina prints and produces personalised resin labels but also a resining service for third-party customers that have already cut and printed their own labels.


This type of service is offered by us, to allow label printing companies to create and print their own labels independently, but then sent to us for resining.

Once the resin labels have been completed, we will ship the domed labels back to our customer with no extra charge.

We pay special attention to our customers’ needs and requirements. Therefore in order to provide the best possible solution for our client so to meet their product quality, every installation will be discussed priorly and agreed on before resining and printing the labels.

It is also possible to resin labels, stickers, writings and other objects that require a resin filling (technically approved beforehand), beyond the aesthetic use, but as a component of a larger product.

As far as packaging is concerned we can satisfy every kind of requirement, from providing tracking labels to providing shipment anonymously to the final customer.

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