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Custom-made Resin label, 3D stickers and domed labels



We are the first online site entirely dedicated to resin labelling, and our goal is to satisfy every your request in the least possible time. CentroResina produces domed stickers, resin labels, resin domed stickers, coloured or trasparent

WIthin a few minutes, you can get a free quote by sending us your graphics, and we will create your custom made labels! If all you require is resin coating only, we can also do that. You print the labels we will do the resining.

Label printing and resining

Amoung the products CentroResina can offer, beyond the regular shaped labels, you will find the partial resin labels and the separated letter labels, as well as micro resin labels (up to 2mm thick), wax sealed labels and embossed labels.

Visit our site, get  an online quote for your label requirements.